Like the Sunrise (tulum)

I want a love

That starts irradiating in the pit of my stomach, fills my chest, rises to my head and shoots down to my feet, that reaches my scalp and travels down each strand of hair down to the split ends and touches my toes until the edge of my nails where my silhouette ends and the rest of the world begins

I want a love that holds my hand when we count down 1,2,3 and we jump together. I dont have to look to make sure youre going with me, its a certainty

I want a love thats an extension of my body, you seamlessly starting where I end, overlapping a little like a physically impossible venn diagram (and you know I love a diagram)

Your forehead on mine, wordless, warm energy feeding me, filling me, freeing me

I want it calm and calming, quiet waters below the surface placing your strong warm hand on my chest and reminding me to breathe

Feels spoiled and lucky to have it all. Used to not needing so much, not needing all of it. Making due, making the ends meet by stretching, armor stretched so much that you could now see through. I had made myself forget those other pieces. Still think its for the best, survival skills are for surviving. But then its like the songs sound a little lower, things moving a little slower. And the Sun light got a little bit colder. Do we let ourselves be taken half willingly into that place. We are not made of glass I have found and a few falls wont break my bones

Ships that meet for the briefest of moments. Wish I could go along just for a bit longer. Or that you could just linger

I want a love where I dont hold back my pieces and the next move until I feel we are even, no equalizing of the equation. There is no X to solve for. I can let go and flood you with everything

I want a love that can accept me and those I love and see all the good in them and the good in me

I want a love that thinks of me at random moments, makes me look up from my phone, from the floor, from the fog and into his eyes deep and warm and something else clicks. Click

I want a love like the sunrise

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